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Pricing Info worksheets

As a Midland photographer, I offer several portrait print packages and can always customize one for you. I charge a $75 photographer's fee and then some of my most popular print packages are: MINI Portrait PACKAGE $27 - includes (1)5x7, (8) wallets; BASIC Portrait PACKAGE $45 - includes (2) 5x7, (1)8x10, (8) wallets; ULTIMATE Pring PACKAGE $70 - includes (1) 11x14, (2) 8x10, (2) 5x7, (8) wallets. The BASIC and ULTIMATE packages allow you to select multiple images to print within the package - for example, you could choose up to 6 different images to print in the ULTIMATE Print PACKAGE.

How much?

One of the first questions asked is usually the most difficult to answer. There are so many considerations when it comes to the final cost. Is it a family portrait, infant portrait, newborn photography, boudoir session, a head shot, wedding photography, or would you like me to capture an event for the evening?  Keep in mind that the forms below do not take into account travel time, additional hours requested or required due to unknown or unusual circumstances, additional travel to numerous locations, extra equipment/props, and so on and so on… I created this form for those individuals that would like a quick “ball park” figure that fits most cases. I want you to see that I offer affordable photography options with quality products and services.  These forms are usually accurate, but there really is no “one size fits all” answer, so this is the next best thing.

Why a Sitting/Photographer's Fee?

When I started out, I was completely against sitting fees and then I did a lot of free photo shoots and made zilch, nada, zip, nothing. My fee is small but necessary as I find that people that have something invested tend to want something to show for it. Plus, I do need to support myself.

Does it really matter where your portraits are printed?

Yes, it really, really matters. I have always believed in choices and therefore, have always offered the choice of prints or digital downloads or a combination of both. You may ask why you would want to purchase prints if you can just download the album and take the images to your local Wal-mart or Walgreens type stores (or better yet, print them on your own computer)? To that, I will ask you, how long you want to enjoy your printed images? The quality of the images, the ink, the paper, the process, etc. just can’t be compared between a professional portrait lab and your corner store print shop. You will also find that the charges for professional quality prints aren’t that much and that’s why I included them on the cost estimator sheet.

What’s the difference between the low- and high-resolution downloads?

Digital downloads are just that, digital images that you can download immediately from my website. Depending on what you want to do with the images will help in determining whether you need/want the high or low resolution. (I do not offer low resolution purchasing options in all galleries) Low resolution images are great if you only want images to share on social media, like Facebook and Twitter. Online formats don’t require as high of a resolution as print formats do. Needing something for your web page, your profile image on social media, or your online business directory? Then low-resolution is the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you want something you can print and send to Grandma, Uncles, Aunts, and place inside invitations, you will definitely require the high-resolution download.

How many images are in an album?

Albums include ALL of your images (except for ones that I've deleted due to poor quality, closed eyes, wardrobe mishaps, etc.) . I shoot a LOT of images. Many are almost exact replicas unless you blinked, the wind suddenly blew, or you were laughing and moving. In a session lasting 1 ½ hour, you should see 300 images, if not more. Some will be posed, some will include images that you had no idea I caught, others will be candid or outtakes commemorating the fun we had. Again, your choices include downloading a couple of images individually or the entire collection of memories in a complete album.

Need to spread out your purchases to match your budget?

The glory of having an online gallery is that you are not locked into making any decisions until after your session. If you need some prints for the invitations going out next month but really want the complete album and funds are really tight right now, you can get what you need and come back for what you want. No worries, no hassles, no pressure. Just let me know and I can keep the album available for an extended period of time.

Schedule your portrait session by calling, sending me an e-mail, texting me, or messaging me on facebook. Website: E-Mail: Like us on FaceBook: Call or text me: 432-219-5885

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