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As far as pricing goes, there are many variables. Do you want printed images or digital ones? We offer both for most services.

There are 2 sections here: Digital Images Pricing and Printed Portraits Pricing.  We know that one size DOES NOT fit all.  Some of us want portraits to hang on the walls of our homes and offices while some of us want to share our portraits on social media,  our website, and then print them at home.  In an effort to please everybody (and yes we know that isn't always easy), we offer these 2 pricing tiers.  One for digital and one for prints. 

Digital Images Pricing includes only digital images. We will still place the images on our website so that they are available for ordering printed images at a later date.  Please note: we cannot make any guarantees on how final images will appear if printed at your local supermarket (i.e. Walmart or Walgreens). 

Print orders are available on our website. First, let us say that our portraits are NOT printed at Walmart.  Please understand that while you can order the digital prints and have them printed at Walmart or Walgreens, the quality will not even begin to compare  to having them printed at a professional lab.  We also cannot guarantee that supermarket printers will crop images without chopping off half of your head, the whole left side, etc.  On our website, it is easy to see what different sized portraits will look like, as you get to see the final cropping before you order.  As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for."  While our prices are a little more expensive than supermarket printers, the quality, customer satisfaction, and lifetime enjoyment are, by far, superior.  By ordering the printed packages:  You pick your portraits, you pick your sizes, and they are delivered to the address you select.  Easy, right?  See?  Everyone's happy! 

Printed Portrait Pricing

Our print packages pricing is 2-fold.  Total price equals Photography fee plus any prints or packages you order. 

Photography Fees

Photography Fees differ depending on the event.

For Weddings, Infants, and Most Events:

Photography Fee: $300 (up to 4 hours and then $50 per hour)

All images will be available online. 2 photographers. We have several print packages available below. A deposit is required to reserve our services and the balance is due 1- week prior to the scheduled event.

For Family, High School Seniors, Couples, Prom, and individuals:

Photography Fee: $25 per hour (billable in 1-hour increments, so 1 1/2 hours will be $50).

This price includes up to 5 people. A deposit is required at time of scheduling. The balance is due at beginning of photo shoot.

Printed Portrait Packages

These are 3 of our best selling packages. There are more packages and, of course, al-a-carte allows you to purchase just one image in any size you choose.

Mini Package - $27

(1) 5 x 7 (8) wallets

Limited to 1 image

Basic Package - $45

(2) 5 x 7,  (1) 8 x 10,   (16) wallets

Multiple images allowed.

Ultimate - $70

(1) 11 x 14 (2) 8 x 10 (2) 5 x 7

Multiple images allowed.

Digital Images Pricing

Digital Images Pricing includes only digital images. We will still place the images on our website so that they are available for ordering printed images. Our print package pricing is in the previous section above.

Family, Couples, and High School Senior Portraits

Maximum of 5 subjects at price listed - additional subjects are $5 each

Mini Shoot - $75

1‎ hour maximum photo shoot with no clothing changes allowed. Includes 3 edited digital portraits of your choice. Location choice limited to one location. No split shoots allowed. Additional portraits are $10 each.

2 1/2 hour photo shoot - $175

2 1/2 hours of portraits shot at your choice of 2 total locations with a maximum of 2 clothing changes. Includes your choice of 10 edited digital images. Split Shoots are allowed. Additional portraits are $10 each.

4 hour photo shoot - $300

4 hours of portraits taken at a maximum of 3 locations with 3 clothing changes allowed. 20 edited digital images of your choice. Split shoots are allowed. Additional portraits are $7.50 each.

Timeless Portraits - $550

11 total hours of camera time with unlimited clothing changes and a maximum of 10 locations of your choice. 5 split shoots are included at no additional charge. 50 edited digital portraits of your choice. No additional charge for inclusion of friends or family. All originals are included. Want to include portraits from an extended period of time to include more than one season? This package has it all! Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring; prom, cap and gown, the Summer before through the Spring right before you graduate!

Infants and Babies Portraits 2 hour photo shoot - $225

Includes‎ 1 back ground, 1 clothing change, and 10 infant-only edited digital portraits.

3 hour photo shoot - $275

Includes 2 backgrounds, 1 clothing change, and 15 infant-only edited digital portraits.

4 hour photo shoot - $300

Includes 3 clothing changes, a minimum of 3 backgrounds, and 20 edited digital portraits. 2 Additional subjects allowed. May also include 1 maternity pose.

8 hour split - $600

Unlimited clothing changes, unlimited props, unlimited subjects, a minimum of 3 backgrounds, and 50 edited digital poses. Includes 4 maternity poses, optional delivery day portraits, or a total of 3 photo sessions.

Team Pictures - Print Only

Basic Sports Package - $35

(1) Photo Button    (2) 5 X 7     (1) 8 X 10    (8) wallets    (1) 4 X 6 team picture

Multiple images allowed. (Each of your 5 x7 images can be different and your photo button can be different from both of your 5 x 7 images. All wallets must be the same. (sorry).

Bigger & Better Sports Package - $70

(2) Photo buttons    (1) 11 X 14    (2) 8 X 10    (16) wallets    (1) 5 x 7 team picture

Multiple images allowed. (Each of your 5 x7 images can be different and your photo button can be different from both of your 5 x 7 images. All wallets must be the same. (sorry).

Engagements and Weddings

  Basic Engagement Sessions - $75

Book an engagement session and receive a discount on a wedding package. The Basic Engagement Session includes 2 digital poses at a location of your choice and a discount of $50 towards your wedding session.

Promising Engagement Session - $200

Your choice of 5 edited digital portraits at 2 locations of your choice. Includes 1 clothing change, up to 2 location shoots, up to 2 hours, and 10 images portraying love and devotion. Book a wedding session and receive a $100 discount.

Total Engagement Session - $550

Your choice of 15 digital images taken from up to 5 locations. Make sure not everyone invited gets the same picture. Includes color, black and white, sepia toned, and artistic selections of 15 poses. Unlimited clothing changes, up to 3 separate sessions of pre-wedding portraits, and $200 off of your wedding session.

Tying the Knot - $800

Includes digital images of your preparation of tying the knot, to saying I do, and then your graceful exit. Up to 4 hours of photography. 1 photographer, up to 100 images to include the bride, groom, wedding party, ceremony, family members, and many of those in attendance.

Truly, Madly, and oh so Deeply - $1500

Includes 200 digital images of your wedding and reception. Up to 7 hours of photography. 2 photographers capture the bride and groom's preparation, group photographs, the first kiss, the toast, cutting of the cake, the first dance, and the reception.

Wedded Bliss - $3600

Includes 2-hour engagement session, wedding preparation of bride and groom, ceremony, reception, and up to 11 hours of photography. 2 photographers capture private moments, candid moments, and everything in between. More than 1,000 digital portraits capturing your perfect day.

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